After New Years Sweat Fest (Come Jump Rope With Me)

Here we GO Brooklyn!! Come and SWEAT with US Milk River on January 6th, 2018 from 11am -2pm!

Click the photo to learn more and get your ticket!

•11 featured trainers giving you the BEST workout in Brooklyn

•Live DJ, Food, Fit Desserts, Fresh Pressed Juice, Fit Apparel, and MORE!

• Soca Fitness

• Tabura Fitness

• Q-Fitness Aerobics • Box Aerobics

• Make It Fun Rope Aerobics

• Soca Twerk Fitness

• Zumba

• Soca AFRO-bics, and much more!

High Impact

• Low Impact

• Dance

• and everything in between!

Music- Afro-beats/ House/Soca/Hip-Hop/and much much more!

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